Architecture and Hygiene is the first book to cover the full range of Adam Kalkin ’s work. The houses that Kalkin builds embody the paradoxes and ambiguities that are more often the domain of the art object than of the domestic environment. By using prefabricated metal Butler buildings, shipping containers, Jetways, urban detritus, even food – he introduces an emotional ambiguity into an area of architecture that has long conformed to a limited set of effects. Neither conventional notions of comfort nor specific usage is encoded in the materials he uses or in the spaces he creates  Kalkin fuses building,  performance, conceptual art, kinetic construction, and  play into an eidetic whole. His art is characterized by a inventive, low-tech, mechanized absurdity, informed by a handful of obsessions. Architecture and Hygiene illustrates more than 30 buildings, projects and  installations. It includes Kalkin's 100 Comments regarding Architecture and Hygiene’ and an afterword by Janie Cohen.

Adam Kalkin won the P/A Young Architects Award in 1990.Since then, he has continued his interdisciplinary work in art, architecture, music, technology, and commerce and he has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Zurich. Kalkin ’s work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Boston Globe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and G/A Houses. Among his built projects are the Kalkin House, Vermont, Martha’s Vineyard House and House for Anne and Matt in Maine.

isbn 0 7134 8789 5
publication November 2002
price $28.95 in US
£15.99 in UK
size 8 1/4 x 7 inches
illustrations 110 photos
and drawings, most in color
binding Paperback 144 pages
published by B
T Batsford
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available as a book  on tape
read by the author
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